Dr. Bonnie Keeler
Cco-director of the Center for Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy at the University of Minnesota

What is clean water worth? Economics, environmental justice, and the pursuit of more effective and equitable water policy
2022 Dr. Robert Colombo
Director of the Center for Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, and Coordinator of the Environmental Biology program at Eastern Illinois University
2021 Dr. Carl R. Ruetz III
Grand Valley State University, Annis Water Resources Institute
Connectivity and movement of fishes inhabiting Lake Michigan drowned river mouths
2020 No Annual Meeting - COVID19
2019 Samuel Munoz The Past, Present, and Future of Mississippi River Floods

Richard Anderson
Tom Claflin
Ken Lubinski
Teresa Newton
Pam Thiel

50th Anniversary meeting included a panel discussion led by five long-serving members of the MRRC to reflect on the past and future of the organization

David Strayer
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Treating biological invasions of large rivers like they matter
2016 John Chick
Illinois Natural History Survey
Asian Carp, Sport Fish Declines, Major Floods and Climate Change:  A Lighthearted Romantic Comedy

Robert Jacobson
Supervisory Research Hydrologist, USGS Columbia Environmental Research Center, Columbia, MO

Restoration on the Missouri River: A long, strange trip
Emily Stanley
Professor of Limnology, University Wisconsin-Madison and Lead Investigator for the North Temperate Lakes Long Term Ecological Research Program
Lessons from the long view: Challenges and opportunities with long-term research in aquatic ecosystems
Walter Dodds
University Distinguished Professor of Biology, Kansas State University
Understanding freshwaters in the anthropocene: long-term and large-scale approaches
Christopher L. Jerde
University of Notre Dame, Environmental Change Initiative
Conservation by the cup (of water): How indirect DNA surveillance of species distributions may lead to improved resource management
Martin C. Thoms
Riverine Landscapes Research Laboratory, University of New England, New South Wales, Australia
The ecohydrology of large river basins
Paul A. Bukaveckas
Department of Biology, Center for Environmental Studies, Virginia Commonwealth University
Constraints on phytoplankton abundance and their contribution to food webs of the Ohio, Upper Mississippi, and Missouri Rivers
John Lyons
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Using fish assemblages to assess the ecological health of the Upper Mississippi River
Matthew D. Dacy
Director, Heritage Hall, The Museum of Mayo Clinic, Mayo Clinic
A passion for the river: Mayo and the Mississippi
Richard E. Sparks
National Great Rivers Research & Education Center
Why naturalize developed floodplains? An integrated analysis and response
Ken S. Lubinski
USGS Upper Midwest Environmental Science Center and The Nature Conservancy
Learning, believing, and the relevance of river science