2020 MRRC Meeting Cancelled


MRRC members,

As you all are no doubt aware, COVID-19 is here and attempts to contain the spread of this virus is leading to cancellation of everything from sporting events to concerts to professional conferences.  This has led several agencies and universities, including many home to MRRC regulars, to suspend or discourage all non-essential travel, including domestic travel.  Due to these recent travel restrictions, the MRRC Board of Directors has been in contact with the Radisson Hotel-La Crosse about possibly cancelling the 2020 MRRC.  After watching events unfold over the past 4 or 5 days, consulting with MRRC members representing certain agencies/universities, and quite a bit of deliberation, we have come to a decision.

The MRRC will be canceled for 2020.  This decision was not easily made by the Board, but due to the realities that we are all currently experiencing we feel it is the correct decision.  As MRRC is cancelled, please note:

  1. Refunds will be given to those who have registered and paid.  Registration reimbursements will be coming either through PayPal (about 25%) or via personal check (about 75%).  Neal Mundahl, MRRC Treasurer, will coordinate reimbursements to those that have paid.
    1. We ask that all members be patient through the reimbursement process: Neal is currently busy transitioning all his classes to an online format.  All refunds will be completed as time allows.
  2. There will be no student travel scholarships awarded.

Also, we would like to thank membership for their patience during this process and again ask that they continue to be patient.  We haven’t cancelled MRRC for any reason like this in the past:  this is uncharted waters for the Board.  The Radisson has been very understanding during this process and they have already expressed interest in hosting MRRC 2021. 

If there are any question, please ask.

Levi Solomon
Sent on behalf of the MRRC Board