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Dr. Samuel Munoz
2019 Keynote Speaker

The Past, Present, and Future of Mississippi River Floods

Dr. Samuel Munoz is an Assistant Professor at Northeastern University with joint appointments in the Department of Marine & Environmental Sciences and the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. He holds a Ph.D. in Physical Geography from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and did postdoctoral training at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. His research focuses on understanding hydrological extremes and their connections to the natural and built environment. His research group at Northeastern is interested in the influence of climate variability, greenhouse warming, urbanization, and land use on flood hazard, and how floods and climate-related disasters shape landscapes and the inhabitants of those landscapes. This work draws on historical and geological perspectives to evaluate the causes and consequences of storms and floods, and often uses sedimentary records to reconstruct environmental changes over hundreds to thousands of years. Much of Sam’s research has focused on the Mississippi River basin, where he has traced the human and environmental histories of the river and its floodplain over the last millennium to improve our understanding of floods and their effects on people.

Statistics Workshop for Students ($20)
1-5pm on Wednesday, April 24

Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to register for a statistics workshop held during the afternoon on Wednesday, April 24. This course will be taught by Jim Lamer and will be an introduction to the R programming language and statistical application through the RStudio text editor. The workshop is designed for an audience that has had little to no experience with R. By the end of the course, participants should be familiar with the architecture of the R code, be able to import and manipulate their own datasets, run basic statistical tests, and generate basic plots. Ultimately, the workshop will provide a foundation and familiarity with the program that the student can build upon.  Please bring your own laptop to the workshop or contact MRRC President Colin Belby ( if you need to borrow a computer.

If you will be participating in the statistics workshop, be sure to select this option when completing the MRRC 2019 Registration form and when making payment for the meeting. The number of seats will be limited to 20. Participants are asked to register for the workshop by April 15.